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Types and Varieties of Habanero Peppers - Orange Habanero

Orange Habanero

200,000-300,000 Scovilles. The version that many consider to be “true habaneros” is the type commonly found in grocery stores and markets. The typical orange habanero is thought to originate in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and they are still grown heavily there, but they are also grown commercially in Texas and California, and in pots and gardens all over the world. The fruits mature to bright orange-red and grow to 1 ½“ in length. 

They are used in many dishes and restaurants across the country, especially for hot sauces and salsas, and on everything from buffalo wings to pizza to spicy cheese and even chocolate. Habaneros are easily preserved, either by drying, freezing, jarring, or by many other methods, for that delicious heat year round.

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